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Our History

IThe present home of the Borinquen Biscuit Corp., located on the quiet mountainsides of Yauco, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico, an island of warm tropical climate in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, is the Home of Borinquen Biscuit Corporation, manufacturers of quality soda crackers, cookies and biscuits. 
The history of this company spans over one hundred forty four (144) years.  In a small town, Yauco, located on the sunny southern coast of Puerto Rico, a bakery opened to bake fresh breads, biscuits, cookies and crackers.  It was 1864, and the gentlemen who opened this business had invested what they thought was the right combination of equipment, skill and good judgment.

Yauco proved to be a perfect place to produce fresh-baked goods.  Nestled in the mountains of Puerto Rico, its pure water and climate gave every item a delightful flavor.  Dough rose with the fresh smell of yeast and flour.  They chose ingredients with care for wholesomeness and purity.  Their products were popular and delicious.

The original site of the Porto Rico Biscuit Co., founded 1864, later to become The Borinquen Biscuit Corp. in 1932.

The business was named Porto Rico Biscuit Company and was housed in a building, typical of the Spanish style of the period.  A huge charcoal oven stood in the back, where a giant wheel slowly rotated large flat trays, with fresh goods for an even bake.  The building stills stand today.  It remained a bakery for many years, a tribute to its popularity and success. 

The original company continued to produce the same, high-quality goods for 68 consecutive years.  Equipment was updated, products were added, and distribution grew.

In 1932, a depression caused major changes in the business. Partners left and a new company was formed, Borinquen Biscuit Corporation, using Borinquen, the indian name of the island of Puerto Rico.

Of the first partners in Porto Rico Biscuit Company, only Juan Barneset stayed and joined two new partners, Joaquín Díaz and Antonio Rodríguez, to save the business.  Borinquen Biscuit Corp. resumed production of the cookies, soda crackers and specialty items that 76 years later are still the main line of the business and a standard for the industry.

Borinquen Biscuit Corp. has remained a family business over the years.  Antonio Rodríguez, son of one of the founders, now heads the operation, bringing family, professional and technical expertise together with 150 associates to produce delicious and wholesome products under the Borinquen Biscuit name.

The clear mountain spring water is still used in baking a variety of cookies, such as: the Florecitas, Cien en Boca, Vainilla Imperial, and Rica.   The cool, moderate climate still keeps the leavening process going to produce the Royal Borinquen Soda crackers and some private labels.

With more than a century of history, up to date equipment, modern processes, efficient operations, and the strict adherence to federal, state, and industry regulations have kept the quality and consistency in every cookie and cracker they bake.



Make cookies of highest quality, using the best processes and technological advances to satisfy the needs of our customers and consumers, and improvements to our quality of life.



Our vision is to develop our company to a world class ranking.
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